Sunday, April 15, 2012

"... and the truth shall set you free."

It's midnight at 2am, a beep from my phone. It was an SMS from the god-sister, who had gone to Utah a week earlier.

It was bad news.  She didn't get along with that guy, whom she had been crazy about for the past few months. He's nice, I don't doubt that. The only thing that troubled me is simply this guy is a Mormon.

I've always had this issue with her being a Mormon without knowing much of what she believes in. Almost no knowledge about the doctrines and why she believes in what she believes in. You can say that she's almost blind to it, as it seemed so to me when I questioned her understanding about the religion.

My fear, is that if she ever get on with this guy, it'll be ever harder for her to get out of it.

Before she left for Utah, I wrote her an email. Apart from all the obligatory good-byes that I have to say, I included a prayer for her, that she will, in exact words, "know the truth and let the truth set you free".

She's hurting, I know. I can tell from the SMS.  I am sadden that her pursuit of happiness had to come to an end, but I can't help feeling a good sense of hope. It's God's answer to my prayer. Truth has been shown to her about this guy and the reality that they can't be together. And hope for me, that she can turn back now, anytime she wants.

I guess people have to be cruel to be kind.

Surely there's a reason why God has allowed this. I have been praying for her to know Him for who truly is, and not by what a random guy who digs for things and rewrites the Bible.

I just hope she recovers soon.  

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  1. you're such a great friend. utah is an incredibly beautiful state, and it is flooded with mormons. sometimes we have to go through hard things to see the truth. may your prayer continue to be answered in her life :)