Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back on Track

Of late I have been having this nagging feeling to start writing again. Some of you might know, I was in college to be a trained writer (I was trying to be fancy. Really I meant that I did journalism). Writing was something I find myself to be relatively good in since primary school. Also as an extrovert, I find writing (or talking) allows me to express- an avenue for me to pour my feelings.

Of course, along the way I've gotten distracted. There's the new job (Yes, I have ANOTHER new job now!) which is huge blessing from God. It is a steep learning curve for me, therefore I have found myself in situations where I will think about work first thing in the morning and it is also the last thing at night before falling asleep.  At times I work weekends, so it was hard to sit down and actually pen down my thoughts because I'll be exhausted.

As I was talking to a dear colleague about this, she said something which I thought was interesting. She said I maybe going through quarter-life crisis. I think there is some truths in that. As I am turning 25 this June, maturity is what I want to see myself progress in while keeping a positive and almost child-like outlook in life. Writing meant a lot to me, so is journaling my quiet time with God, spending time mentoring a young church member, exercising, missions and photography. I want to travel and see the world, particularly Europe for myself. Some years were wasted in the first quarter and I want to make the best out the rest that I have. I don't know how many more years ahead, I just want to make it count this time.

Running the race a little differently this time. Will run it purposefully and not just running for the sake of running it.

And because I cannot stand having a blogpost without a picture, here's a picture taken with my iPhone last month during my church's youth camp. It's one of those rare times I think iPhone photos are better than my DSLR's.

The sun setting at Peaceheaven, Genting Highlands. 

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  1. 'quarter life crisis' ... i've learned something new :)

    living life with purpose rather than life living you ... i love the beautiful woman you are and are becoming :)